Akron Gorge Power Station Demolition

Independence Demolition, Precision Environmental and C.J. Betters Enterprises joined forces to completely raze all structures at First Energy’s decommissioned Akron Gorge Power Station just off Route 8 at the edge of Cuyahoga Falls and Akron, Ohio.

The project required the razing of the following structures/components: Main Boiler House Building and Boilers, Storage Building, Condenser House Building, Fuel Oil Storage Tank, Garage Building, Quonset Storage Building, Railroad Spur and Bridge, Coal Handling Station, Two (2) 280’ Tall Steel Exhaust Stacks, and Two (2) Electrical Turbines and their Condensers (pictured).

Independence produced the following estimated quantities of materials in the course of razing the above structures: 8,000 gross tons of ferrous steel, 300,000 lbs. of non-ferrous metals, 15,733 cubic yards of recyclable concrete and brick, and 1,000 cubic yards of C&D debris.


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