FirstEnergy Toronto Power Plant Demolition & Remediation

FirstEnergy was in need of the safe, complete demolition and remediation of a former Ohio Edison power plant in Toronto, Ohio that had been sitting dormant for years. Precision Environmental, Independence Demolition and C.J. Betters Enterprise partnered for the complete, timely and safe removal of the retired power plant.

The first challenge consisted of the removal of asbestos associated with the eleven boilers. Precision Environmental performed the job consisting of asbestos removal of 244,000 square feet and 60,000 linear feet of asbestos containing insulation for a total of 8,760 cubic yards of asbestos containing waste.

Precision Environmental overcame several design obstacles that came with a structure of this magnitude that had been sitting vacant for a long period of time not the least of which included the control of water infiltration from the Ohio River during the river's peak season. Precision Environmental also removed and either recycled or disposed of transformers and ballasts containing PCBs, bulbs and switch controls containing Mercury, and other hazardous and non-hazardous oils and chemicals found at the facility.

Independence Demolition would lead the structural demolition phases consisting of the complete removal of all structures on the site:

  • 650' Tall Concrete Exhaust Stack
  • Outdoor Super Structure Switch Yard
  • Coal Handling Conveyors and Transfer Towers
  • Elevated 125,000 gallon Outdoor Water Tank
  • Eleven (11) 230,000 Capacity Steam Boilers
  • Three (3) Electrical Turbines and their Condensers
  • 100,000 square foot footprint Brick Boiler House Building


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