FirstEnergy Lake Shore Power Plant Demolition

The 100-year-old impressive red brick structure east of Cleveland, Ohio is a recognizable figure on the shores of Lake Erie. The plant sat sandwiched between the lakeshore and the I-90 expressway occupying 57 acres of prime real estate that is targeted to be incorporated into the city’s downtown revitalization.

The BetTech, Independence Excavating, and Precision Environmental Team were contracted to decommission, demolish and restore the area for future redevelopment. Precision Environmental’s scope of work commenced in September of 2015 and wrapped up in anticipation of the demolition crew’s mobilization to the site. 

The demolition crew tackled the deconstruction and demolition of the following elements:

  • 300' Tall Brick Exhaust Stack & misc. steel stacks
  • Outdoor Switch Yard
  • Coal Handling Conveyors, Transfer Towers, and Crusher Building
  • Elevated Outdoor Water Tank on top of Boiler House
  • Tank Farm
  • Seven (7) Large Capacity Steam Boilers
  • Electrical Turbines and their Condensers
  • Brick Boiler House Building

The stripping of 2 ft. of topsoil followed to correct the site drainage towards the existing on-site ponds and the site is available for reuse and redevelopment.  


  • West
    Aurora, CO
    (720) 437-8862
  • Midwest Headquarters
    Independence, OH
    (216) 446-3400
  • South Atlantic
    Orlando, FL
    (407) 816-6160
  • Mid-Atlantic
    Sterling, VA
    (703) 430-1005
  • East
    Cheswick, PA
    (412) 767-9800
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