Ford Cleveland Casting Plant Environmental Decommissioning & Demolition

Ford Motor Company was in need of the safe, complete demolition and remediation of the former Cleveland Casting plant that sits in between (2) active engine plants on one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the United States. Independence Demolition teamed with Precision Environmental and Rudolph Libbe, Inc. for the complete, timely and safe removal of the massive plant.

The first challenge consisted of the removal of all asbestos throughout the entire facility and environmental cleaning of all the accumulated dust, sand, and debris to allow the demolition to proceed. Precision Environmental also removed and either recycled or disposed of transformers and ballasts containing PCBS, bulbs and switch controls containing mercury, and other hazardous and non-hazardous oils and chemicals found at the facility.

Independence Demolition would lead the structural demolition phases consisting of the complete removal of all structures down to top of concrete on the site:

  • 1.4M square foot footprint Main Plant Building consisting of the Shop, Core, Mold, Melt and Finishing departments.
  • Central Transportation Garage
  • General Services Building
  • Cooling Gallery
  • Coke Shanty
  • Misc. Outlying Structures

Final phases will include over 10 miles of underground sewer cleaning, installation of protective barriers for the remaining basements, and other interim site restoration activities.


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