Navajo Generating Station Decommissioning & Demolition

Independence Excavating, Inc. (IX) was selected by Salt River Power (SRP) to perform the decommissioning and demolition of the former Navajo Generating Station, a 2,250-megawatt coal-fired power plant landmark for 45 years in Page, Arizona on the Utah-Arizona border. The plant ceased operations in the fall of 2019 and SRP, on behalf of the plant owner, began the decommissioning process. This massive plant encompassed 300 acres and is one of the largest demolition projects performed by our firm to date.

The work included shutting down, decontaminating, draining of fluids/bulk chemicals, torch cutting, explosive, and hydraulically demolishing the power block (three 800-megawatt generating units) and related structures, including cooling towers, coal conveyance facilities, limestone crushing facilities, and other support facilities.

Explosive felling was successfully used for the following units:

• (3) 245’ boilers (three of the largest boilers in the country which converted water into high-pressure steam for power generation)

• (3) 775’ reinforced concrete stacks with metal liners

• (3) 220’ reinforced concrete stacks

• (3) reinforced mass concrete turbine foundations

Another major component of the work is the salvage of reusable materials. Our crews are working to responsibly salvage the following items: 141 transformers, 1,900 tons of copper, 105,000 tons of steel, and more than 350 tons of aluminum. Our scope also includes the management of over 200,00 gallons of residual chemicals and fuel. Additionally, removal of the turbine cooling system included demolishing six cooling towers and over 3 miles of 78” diameter pipe buried up to 40’ below grade. In all, over 92% of the demolished materials were recycled, including metals, concrete, and liquids.

This project was performed with an exemplary safety record led by our field staff, included the participation of numerous disadvantaged and minority subcontractors and suppliers, and complied with the Navajo Hiring Preference program. We are honored and proud to be part of improving the environmental condition of the area, especially so close to the resources of Lake Powell, Glen Canyon, and the Navajo reservation. Once the demolition and decommissioning work is complete, earthwork operations will commence returning the land to the Navajo Nation.


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